About Us

A Correspondent Lender Assisting Investors

Our company

At Kalb Advisors Mortgage Solutions we are committed to service our clients with integrity, commitment and service excellence. Our mission is to provide a personalized and customized service by focusing on finding the best available products for our clients’ individual needs

Our team has 30 years of combined mortgage knowledge in residential, foreign national, and commercial lending that represents a benefit to our clients. We consider our clients to be part of our family and we valued them as such.

Our President

Eduardo Kalb is the founder of Kalb Advisors. Prior to working at Kalb Advisors, Eduardo held the position of Vice President, International Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

He has worked for 4 multinational public corporations in his 20 year career as a banker and has helped and advised a diverse group of clients and finance a great variety of projects in his experience in his tenure as the President of Kalb Advisors Mortgage Solutions LLC.

Our team

We have a team of Loan originators and professionals ready to help our clients with their financial needs and support them with precise information along the loan process. From the prequalification of the borrowers, during the loan processing and until approval and closing of your loan, a team of professional is dedicated work for you and provide the best service.

Timeline of Events

  • 2010

    • Kalb Advisors is approved by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation and is granted a Mortgage Broker Business license.
    • Kalb Advisors transitions under Dodd-Frank and is granted the license of Mortgage Broker.
    • Kalb Advisors is approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as TPO (Third Party Originator)
    • Kalb Advisors creates wholesale partnerships with Terrace Mortgage, US Bancorp, and Wells Fargo.

  • 2011

    • Kalb Advisors creates wholesale relationships with more than 20 banks and lenders Nationwide and begins originating mortgages in the State of Florida

  • 2012

    • Kalb Advisors originates and continues building the company, relationships with investors, lenders, and borrowers worldwide.
    • Kalb Advisors is able to originate Conventional, FHA, VA, Foreign National, Portfolio, Jumbo, and SBA loans.

  • 2013

    • Kalb Advisors is offered the opportunity to become a Correspondent Lender.
    • Federal and State regulators approve and license the company as correspondent lender, with the ability to originate, sell and service mortgages up to 4 months.

  • Present

    • Kalb Advisors is a leading company in the Florida and Texas mortgage market.


As correspondent lenders, we offer the most competitive rates and terms in the marketplace. With our offering of portfolio products, we aggressively seek to help all types of investors achieve their financing objectives.

As residential lenders, our breadth of products cover primary homes, second homes, and investment properties. We offer conventional and government loans for first time home buyers, VA loans for our Veterans, and portfolio loans for investors. We are also specialists in Foreign National loans.

Our commercial loan division offers solutions for investors looking to finance shopping centers, multi-family buildings, warehouses, and office buildings with values over 1 million usd. We cater to the small business owner, and welcome self-employed borrowers who seek financing for owner occupied properties.

Our core competencies revolve around helping our clients find the right loan product, while maintaining an advisory relationship and fiduciary role throughout the whole process.


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